Foundation Training (FT)

FT is a series of exercises created by Dr. Eric Goodman to alleviate chronic backpain, improve posture and enhance athletic ability. I typically offer FT in a private setting but I can facilitate a group as well. FT is practiced to prevent and alleviate chronic back pain.

Through practicing FT you can expect to increase mobility, balance, flexibility and strength. The principles of the training are rooted in core muscle activation around the pelvis, engaging all of the muscle chains. Decompression Breathing gives a focus to elongate the spine and expand the rib cage. All of this works together to strengthen your body and improve spine health.



Introductory session (1 hour 15 minutes) $75


Single session (45 minutes) $55

Starter 3 pack (3 ~ 45 minute sessions) $135

10 pack (10 ~ 45 minute sessions) $425

6 week Focus plans:

2 sessions per week (12 ~ 45 minute sessions) $500

3 sessions per week (18 ~ 45 minute sessions) $700

Group (up to 25 participants-please inquire for larger group rates)

Intro to Foundation Training (60 minutes) $150

Foundation Training Practice (60 minutes) $150

*Cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled session will result in charge of the full session rate.


Will insurance cover my sessions?

Maybe, please call your insurance company to inquire prior to beginning. Some insurance plans allow you to use HSA, HRA or Flex Spending Account Funds to reimburse for the costs. You may have to have a referral from a health provider. *If covered by any of this, you would pay us directly and we would provide an invoice for you to utilize for reimbursement.

What should I expect at a FT session?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. FT is not vigorous but the postures you will practice will fatigue your muscles. Bring a mat and water.