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Private Yoga Sessions

Private sessions are good for those that are new to yoga and want to learn vinyasa flows and poses in a one on one setting before they attend a group class. We have also worked with people recovering from injury or surgery that needed a deep tissue stretch (Yin Yoga) approach and felt more comfortable as the private session was catered to their specific needs. 

Private sessions for groups can be held in an offsite location such as a workplace setting or in our studio. Private parties can include team building activities, bachelorette parties, birthday parties and more!



Single session (60 minutes) $50

Starter 3 pack (3 ~ 60 minute sessions) $135

5 pack (5 ~ 60 minute sessions) $225

4 week Focus plans:

1 session per week (4 ~ 60 minute sessions) $165

2 sessions per week (8~ 60 minute sessions) $330

Group (up to 25 participants-please inquire for larger group rates)

Private Single Session (60 minutes) $150

*Cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled session will result in charge of the full session rate.